Popcorn Time! Movie Theater Floor Snack Mix

Popcorn is the perfect snack because it’s an actual whole, unprocessed grain. And since you should make half your grains whole, the more popcorn you eat, the more non-whole grains you get to eat.

Okay, that part isn’t quite true. I mean, you can’t eat a pound of pasta just because you ate a pound of popcorn. And, anyway, popcorn is so filling that you wouldn’t want to. Scientifically, it’s perhaps the perfect snack. 

Today, Mr. Prickles shares with us his recipe for Movie Theater Floor Snack Mix, which has to be the most unhealthy way to eat popcorn but is a lot of fun to shop for and make.


Hi, this is me, here, now, explaining how to make this popcorn.

Step 1: Use the power of radiation and science to microwave an 11.5 oz bag of white chocolate.


Step 2: Throw a 17 to 20 oz bunch of candy into a bowl along with 5 oz of Fritos and 10 oz of mixed nuts.

Step 3: Throw the white chocolate onto the candy, violently.

Step 4: Mix it.


step 5: Put it on 4 cups of popcorn.

Step 6: Wait 15 minutes.


Step 6: Eat it, or give it to a pigeon, or an old friend trying to sell you mlms, or the CEO of Fritos. Just beware: anyone who eats it will become your best friend.

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