Fewer “Spirit Days” and More “Choose Peace Weeks”

I didn’t expect to hate Spirit Week at my kids’ schools, because I like school spirit and the opportunity to dress funny. However, my oldest child was born before Pinterest, and my youngest one was born after, and everything has changed. Motherhood feels WAY more competitive than it was in the past, and that includes Wacky Hair Day. As a working mom, I want to participate, but I don’t want my kiddos to be embarrassed by the fact my effort compared to other parents. (If you are an overachieving parent, that’s great–just don’t make it the standard.)

So I was really delighted by a recent activity at my younger son’s elementary school. For Choose Peace week, students were encouraged to wear clothes that expressed a key school value–like kindness, peace, unity, and appreciation of differences. AND they did it by wearing things they probably already own and are likely to be clean (though we own no sports teams gear).

I’d love to see more of this!

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