Our 2019 Favorites: Our favorite movies

For the last week of the year, we’re reflecting on our favorite things this year. Today: movies.

Bananas: Jumanji: The Next Level

Lamb: Charlie’s Angels

Mr. Prickles: Clue, but that’s my favorite movie every year that I watch it, and I watch it every year.

Honey: I am a mother, and watching a film means sitting down, which means I fall asleep. Thus, I only watched a few new movies this year–The Lovers with Tracy Letts and Deborah Winger and Mary, Queen of Scots because I was on an airplane and Aladdin because it was a child’s birthday choice. None of them really deserve a mention here, so I’ll go with an old favorite: The Muppet Christmas Carol, which is not the best Muppet movie (that is Muppets from Space) but is the best version of A Christmas Carol.

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