A Perfectly Peeled Egg

Regular readers of this blog know that we love eggs in this family. One thing that has made them a much bigger part of our life is our InstantPot. In fact, I use it for relatively little else but still consider it worth the money just for its efficiency in making perfect hard boiled eggs.

Here’s your how-to:

  1. Place rack in bottom of InstantPot. Add 1 c. water and 15 eggs (or however many you want) in an even layer; do not stack eggs.
  2. Program to “Pressure cook” for 5 minutes. 3 minutes after timer ends, release pressure.
  3. Use togs to transfer eggs to a bowl of ice and chill for 5 minutes.
  4. Peel using the jar method: place 1-2 eggs in a small glass jar, then screw on lid. Turn on side and swirl the jar a few times. Open, remove egg, and slip the shell off.


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