Listening Hearts: Day 1

Our family has been working on a new daily practice: listening. Active, reflective, engaged listening that says to the other person. My desire is to understand you as you are, not to correct you or improve you or educate you.

To that end, we’ve been writing questions to help us get to know each other better. Some of these questions are serious; many are silly. Sometimes we laugh at things that are meant to be serious, and sometimes our silliness leads us into serious places. Our goal is to publish one each day on our blog. We hope you find them useful, either as prompts to think about yourself or as questions you bring to the car ride or the dinner table. They’re written by all of us, and you’ll see the diversity of our thoughts and interest in them, so in the questions themselves, you’ll get to know us a little better too.

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Today’s question:

What is your happiest memory of the most recent holiday season?

Below, our Christmas tree, 2019

Image may contain: christmas tree and indoor

Updated: Multiple friends have asked us to share our own answers. We might not to do every day (and some days we’ll answer with an image rather than writing), but we’ll do it sometimes–like today:

Bananas: Getting EXACTLY what I asked for as a Christmas present!

Lamb: Decorating our house with new decorations.

Mr. Prickles: Making crabs for Christmas dinner, then making seafood stock, then making crab alfredo with the leftovers.

Honey: On Christmas morning, my children on their own decided that they wanted to take turns unwrapping gifts so they could see what each of them received. It started with Bananas, who found our Christmas pickle on our tree and so was the one who got to open the first present–which, in the past, has been followed by a free-for-all. This time, they really enjoyed the joy of their siblings, without any prompting. It was the best gift I could have received!

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