Prayers during a Pandemic: For Teachers

Our family is taking time daily to pray about the current global health crisis. Our prayers will likely reference the Christian tradition, but we’ve written with an ecumenical and agnostic audience in mind.

If you’d like us to pray for you, let us know. If you’d like us to write a prayer for you or for a concern you have and share it here, just ask. You don’t have to share your name if you don’t want to, and we won’t share it or any other identifying details about you here or elsewhere.

Today, we are focusing our prayer on people teachers at every letter.

Today we remember teachers, including childcare center teachers, those in pre-K centers, those teaching kindergarten through 12th grade, and those who teach college and beyond.

We pray for those we don’t know, and we pray for those we do know, including [all those who serve as teachings, including ourselves]. We pray for their families, friends, and neighbors who support them, the administrators who guide them, and the students who learn from them.

Our hope for teachers is peace in the midst of rapid transition and change, clarity of mission and role when they may feel overwhelmed, energy and strength when they are challenged, and support as they care for themselves and others around them. We pray for them assurance that the lessons they have taught so far will be put to good use and that the students they love will be safe and cared for.

We are grateful for all teachers, for their work with vulnerable students, and for their roles as leaders in our communities.

Above, Jan Steen’s School Teacher (1668) shows four young pupils working, two of them writing and others with papers in their hands, and their school teacher works with one of them, a child rubbing their eye with one hand and pointing to a word on the page with the other. In the next room, visible through a curtain, a person in a red cap has their back to the viewer.

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