Our Morbid Little Easter Stories

Most of our Easter decorations are sweetly springtime–porcelain, paper, glass and alabaster eggs, pastel candles, and baskets of brightly colored saltwater taffy.


Cards from friends and children’s crafts decorate our shelves.


It’s an overall happy little set up, and if we have celebrated Easter with you before, there is something here now to remind us of those happy moments.


But then, amid the candles and candy, I found these little scenes of wooden animals–bunnies and chicks and such–illustrating one-sentence stories, written by the middle child in this family. We update their stories regularly, so if you have a suggestion, feel free to offer it.


Peter and Louis admit it: they’re better as friends than they are as lovers.


Cameron and Camryn love their little baby bunny but also wonder: Are we really cut out for parenthood? And, since we’re bunnies, are we cut out for parenthood 100 more times?


Were they good friends, or did they just like gossiping about the same people?


Uncle Ed watches the twins for the first time. His enthusiasm is sweet but doesn’t replace competency.


“A prophet is never appreciated in his hometown,” complains Bernard. “I think it’s more personal than that,” suggests Thomas. “It’s possible that people just don’t like you.”


“But Birdie is our friend!” protests Amanda. “And so he would want us to make this hard decision,” counters Eleanor on this, their eight day adrift at sea.


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