We Heart the USPS

As irksome as Donald Trump’s effort to defund the USPS is, we must keep in mind that it’s only the newest Republican-led assault on one of the most functional services that the US government (formerly) funded. They hate it because it proves that government works–and because it pretty much accessible to people of all types, including the poor. Oh, and because making mail delivery more difficult is a way to suppress voters who maybe don’t want to stand in clouds of coronavirus just to exercise their right to vote.

Anyway, all of that is to say that you should support your USPS. We do, all the time. I buy more than half the stamps that are released and delight in sending them to folks. Even if I’m just paying a bill, it’s more fun to send it with a stamp showcasing on of America’s rivers (my favorites of the last year) or Hot Wheels cars.

Do yourself and democracy a favor and pick some up today at checkout at Kroger (If you are a regular shopper, you’ve heard the lady on the radio say that lots of time) or order them online.

Above, some of the stamps I am using right now–leftover Christmas ones, state fairs, 3-D dinosaurs (which are AMAZING!), Hot Wheels, post office murals, winter berries, Halloween foils, American rivers, Sesame Street, and Sally Ride.

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