Prayers during a Pandemic: For Protestors

Our family is taking time daily to pray about the current global health crisis. Our prayers will likely reference the Christian tradition, but we’ve written with an ecumenical and agnostic audience in mind.

If you’d like us to pray for you, let us know. If you’d like us to write a prayer for you or for a concern you have and share it here, just ask. You don’t have to share your name if you don’t want to, and we won’t share it or any other identifying details about you here or elsewhere.

Today we pray for people around the globe who are protesting racial violence in the US.

Today we pray for all those who are protesting racial violence in the US. We pray for those motivated by grief, anger, frustration, compassion, solidarity, and a quest for justice.

We pray for those we do not know as well as those we do, including ourselves. [Name the names of protestors now.] We honor the lives that inspire them to action. We mourn with them over the deaths that draw them to protest. We are grateful for their courage, their fortitude, and their leadership.

We think of all those who support protestors, including their family members, medics, clergy, and trained legal witnesses, lawyers. We are grateful for the solidarity of bus drivers who refuse to move those arrested into detention and for police officers who turn over their badges in protest of a culture of violence and silence. We rejoice for every one trained up in violence, who swims in the American sea of white supremacy and yet who rejects it like a shepherd who finds his lost lamb or a widow her lost coin. We are grateful for the activists being made right now, for those who are joining the movement for social justice for the first time.

We pray for those who are afraid, attacked, and injured. We pray for them calm and resilient spirits and bodies quick to heal. We pray for those who are taking big risks; we pray for them support. We pray for those who will face persecution and backlash because of their willingness to guide us toward justice; we pray for them steady friendships when times are difficult. We pray for those who are crossing their families and their faith traditions to protest; we pray for them joy that compels those they love to join them.

We pray for ourselves, wherever we are, to join in protest against racial injustice in body and in spirit, in word and in deed, every day as needed–forever if needed.

We are thankful for those who cry against injustice. We are thankful for their voices and their presence.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Above, Wrapped Reichstag, Berlin by Christo and Jeanne-Claude shows the German Reichstag wrapped in cloth.


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