“The Lord Knows Them That are His” and other little signs of reassurance

We had a little back-to-school display planned for our dining room but when back-to-school didn’t happen, we changed plans. Here are some small things bringing us joy in our house these days.

A windmill and wheat made of metal sit inside a small heart fashioned from barbed wire. June-July is wheat harvest here.
A small sunflower made of wood, framed. Sunflowers bloom August-September. The last of the ones by the sides of the road are dying now.

We ate, dried, or froze over 100 peaches. We’ll use these pits for tea all winter.

A card with an illustration of Timothy. In Kansas, you learn to love all grasses.

Above, a handmade card from a friend that came with a gift certificate for 12 quarts of ice cream from our favorite local ice creamery; a little lantern; another card from a friend reminding us to enjoy the last of the fireflies this year; a compass in a heart, yet another gift.

A card showcasing our state flower; a little wooden plaque referencing 2 Timothy 2:19. I am not a fan of Timothy, but I’ve been exploring the idea of being known by God for awhile now, like here and here.
On the back, a label saying “In remembrance of Christmas 1945,” J.E. Entz. If you know of J.E. Entz or what was happening Christmas 1945, please share the story!
Fall means we bring candles back!

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