So many reminders of how loved we have been in November

November is almost no one’s favorite month–and the least favorite for lots of people. According to 2005 data from Gallup (the only time I found the question asked), November was ranked 11th, ahead of only February. And since Novembers have only gotten more stressful since 2005, with unpleasant elections and their aftermath taking up much of the month, it’s easy to imagine that many of us like it even less.

And there is a lot to dislike: shortened days and long nights, the start of the cold but rarely snow to make it worthwhile, the leaves are mostly fallen, the mums dead. The gemstone is the topaz, the ugliest.

On the other hand, a holiday devoted to cooking and eating, a daily reminder to go to sleep earlier, the start of Advent, and my birthday (which, now that you know about it, you should feel free to celebrate!)

Here’s what we’re loving about it

Our shelves are full of little things we love, especially photos of travels that now seem like a lifetime ago.

A wooden bird in a wooden frame
What a birthday! A much longed-for waffle iron, a new casserole dish, pajamas, and zero-proof cordials

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