Christmas Pickles

From my youngest:

“Everyone who knows our family knows we love pickles. At Christmas, we hide a pickle ornament on our tree. If you find it, you get to open the first present. I think other families have this tradition too, but it’s special for us because we love pickles so much.
“Here is a picture of our pickle ornament. Everyone can see it now, but my mom will hide it on Christmas Eve.

A shiny glass pickle hangs on our Christmas tree. This year, my youngest found it and so got to open the first present: a Stretch Armstrong doll.

“We want you to have a pickle ornament, too. We made lots of them from paper and put them in the Sharing Box [an outdoor pantry in our neighborhood]. We hope you like them!”

Two paper pickles, made from paint chips, with string loops glued to the back of them, rest in an open palm.

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