How to prevent falls with a Parmesan cheese container

This year, we’ve been saving our cylindrical, lidded containers, like the kind nutritional yeast, seasoning salt, or grated Parmesan cheese comes in to build ice-melt shakers.

Falls on ice and snow are a major cause of injury in the winter—which means hospital visits, hospital bills, and, often, physical therapy. You already walk like a penguin, but you can decrease the chance of a fall by keeping a shaker full of pet-friendly ice melt or salt/sand or salt/kitty litter (non-clay based so it doesn’t melt into a goopy mess) mix in a cup holder in your car.

When you swing your door open, take a moment to look to see if you’re about to step into a slick patch. (I drive a minivan and so keep one in a cup holder by each door so the kids can step out safely too.) If you have a long haul across a parking lot or if you expect ice to arrive while you’re inside, take it with you to make your trip back to your care safer.

Once you’ve made an ice melt shaker for yourself, use the next canister you empty to build one for your neighborhood sharing box or free little pantry. This is an easy way to take care of your neighbors.

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