The woodlands creep in

We have these shelves in our new house that just delight me. When I first saw them, I didn’t understand them–built-in shelves to shallow for books? What did one even do with that? After getting used to moving every few years (roughly every 2 years for the last 8 years), I had forgotten that people sometimes make their home their own.

We’ve been having fun with these shelves, so much so that the kids josh me a bit about them. (“Next month’s theme is terrariums. With live miniature animals. I’m not sure how she’s going to do it yet, but I know Mom can pull it off.”) We’re far from being featured in Better Homes and Gardens, but we’re having fun. And for May and much of June, our theme has been “creepy woodlands.” We didn’t exactly decide on that–we just knew that we enjoyed painting these gnomes back in December and it was their time to shine.

Enjoy some silly photos!


3 porcelain gnomes: one with a gray beard, red shirt, and blue hat, one with a brown beard, black shirt, and green hat, and one with a white beard, blue shirt, and gray hat

a small round wooded birdhouse covered in moss
When we moved last summer, we had to leave our houseplants, including our fairy garden, behind, but this little piece of it came with us.
3 white candles on osage orange candle plates
One of our favorite parts of Kansas is Osage orange trees and their wood.


We love postcards! These are a few recent ones from friends. The second is from Wonderfair, a store in Lawrence, Kansas, and the last one is of the graves of LBJ and Lady Bird Johnson.
These porcelain animals might be my favorite part. They move around during the day, but at night they gather around the fireplace. Are they listening to wisdom from Old Owl? Sharing news of their day? Participating in some secret rite? We found these beads in Small World Gallery in Lindsborg, Kansas on a trip to Kanopolis State Park.
a small copper watering can and a succulent in a ceramic pot
Can I keep succulents alive? Doubtful. But they can die in style, thanks to the ceramic work of my friend Hanna.

a succelent in a small ceramic pot


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